Mid brain Activation: What is the potential of the brain?

The potential of the brain

midbrain activation training

midbrain activation training

midbrain activation - blindfold square puzzle

midbrain activation – blindfold square puzzle



Left right brain – five senses

ESP is the abbreviation of the English ExtraSensoryPerception, meaning “super feeling,” often used as telepathy, force perspective, palpable force, predict the force of the general term. ESP ability is tantamount to “right-brain sense of the five.” As there are five senses, like the left brain, right brain also has five senses. Some people think that only a small number of specific persons would have the magic, in fact, everyone has the ability, but because it suppressed awareness of the potential of human neocortex is too advanced, making the ESP’s ability to be sealed up, the opposite of the animal brain tissue almost all components from the old leather, so it can play the ability.

Brain ESP

In Eighteenth century, as science advances, the science cannot explain the mysterious role, are called superstition, ESP capacity also declined. USA Today has a dedicated training manager for the ESP program, this course is mainly used to develop power perspective, unpredictable force of telepathic mind power.

Dr. Rhine at Duke University in the years of 1930-1940, has conducted several experiments to confirm the ESP. One of the experiments, the experimenter covered with several layers of the eye, and then can get to the experimenter’s physical and mental relaxation. Then the wide-screen images will appear in the brain like a black. Thus, the preparation will be the end of the perspective.  In that perspective to the subject matter, it will appear on the screen the subject matter of the text, images or colors. But if in weary or physical condition not good situation, the subject matter can be slurred. This research method has been established in the 1940s, has also been statistically recognized, finally, even in the United States generally accepted parapsychology is an area of ​​modern science. Many academic institutions in Taiwan are engaged in ESP experiments, and also to obtain concrete evidence and results, such as the National Taiwan University, once in the open on television during the experiment and its results.

Particles recently developed science has proven the ultimate elements of matter (elementary particles) is called sub-prime particles, but also with fluctuations in the nature of the sub-prime. The kinetic energy to convey information, in fact, rely on the eyes cannot see the fluctuations. To telepathy, the telepathy is the ability to read each other’s thinking ability to distance, do not rely on language to convey an ability to communicate. Perspective power is the ability to guess the place cannot see what happened. Predict the future force is to know in advance what will happen in ability.

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