mid brain activation

Mid brain Activation; What Is Mid brain? What Is The Function Of Mid brain?

Mid brain and the function

In this section, we revealed of what is mid brain and also advise what is the function of mid brain.

mid brain activation

mid brain activation

What is mid brain

Location in the brain between the mesencephalon and between the cerebral hemispheres, most are on both sides of the brain hemispheres are covered only in the ventral side of the brain can be observed between the part of the brain. Wedge between the brain, midbrain is connected with the lower part. Diencephalon is divided into thalamus and hypothalamus, sub-divided into the dorsal thalamus, the hypothalamus, after the thalamus, hypothalamus and subthalamic.

Dorsal thalamus, after the hypothalamus – the brain cortex sensory pathway transmitted to the last relay station.

On the cerebral ganglion – concerns the sense of smell. The pineal body is the endocrine gland.

The hypothalamus – concerns the internal organs and the endocrine activity.

The bottom cerebral ganglion – is the mesencephalon quilt and the back side cerebral ganglion’s transition region, only saw in the section, the mesencephalon red nucleus and the opsoninum extend hence, including the bottom cerebral ganglion nucleus, part of an extrapyramidal.

What is the function of mid brain

In addition to the hypothalamus is not only the smell of all sensory impulses transmitted to the outer cortex of the conversion station, and is one of important sensory integration.

Thalamus in maintaining and regulating the state of consciousness, alertness and attention also play an important role. Thalamus not only with the general and special type of laser wake up, but also to think about and emotional. Some thalamic nuclei can be used as motor integration hub, which accepts the cerebellum and striatum projection fibers.

Thalamus to accept two incoming main, that is peripheral and the cortex, the former bringing the body as external environment changes caused by sensory impulses; and cortical projection in turn cerebral cortex and hypothalamus linked with the memory mechanism, and set the hypothalamus under the control of the cortex. Thalamus and hypothalamus and also subcortical structure striatum fiber connection, through this connection, the hypothalamus can affect internal organs and body effectors.

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