the brain

Mid brain Activation; What Is The Brain Function?

The function of the brain

In this section, we revealed of what is the function of the brain.

the brain

the brain

The brain function: between midbrain, left and right brain

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Left brain memory is the language memory, its nature is rational and logical. The right brain memory is the photographic memory, when you want to remember words or pictures, it can intake of brain images like we use the camera to take photo, all the content in the brain freeze like a map, it will automatically appear in our mind when we want to use the images. Therefore, the photographic memory in the right brain is also images memory.

What is the memory of the brain

Memory can be divided into short-term memory and long-term memory, it can specific in two categories are as follows:

1. Short-term memory – this memory immediately disappear

2. Long-term memory – this memory can be long-term preservation

1. Episodic memory – is the memories of a person’s sexual

2. Verbal memory – this memory is our knowledge memories

3. Procedural memory – the memory needed to experience the body (such as cycling,   swimming, etc.)

4. Stimulating memory – the subconscious memory (such as self-blindfolded mental training, blindfolded reading, etc.)

How to play ultra-right brain of the camera function? The brain is a whole brain between left and right brain dominance for the device, the more stimulating the subconscious memory, leading to the midbrain, if inspired, that can balance each other left and right brain, as opposed to shop complementary to each other. Brain’s photographic memory will let you into the right brain unconsciously working condition, free learn to manipulate the contact between the left and right brain to brain function, can be hundreds of times to improve learning efficiency, to maximize the ability of the brain. Through the midbrain development, you not only get an extraordinary memory, but also great potential to develop the right brain, thereby improving attention, critical thinking skills and creativity.

Please visit our video and photo for proof of mid brain activation.

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the brain

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