Introducing POWER OF MIND (FOR ADULTS WORKSHOP) MBM upcoming new program, this is the two days program workshop for the adults. In this two days adults training workshop, we not only do the exercise for blindfold practice (midbrain activation), we also concentrate to help the adults to remove fear from their mind and pain from their body and boost their confidence and how to read some people mind and their face (this is what we called “visualization” it is something advance beyond the ESP).



The below is the benefits after the adults attended the two days workshop:-

Adults Program : The chronic stress is a major contributor to illness, individuals have not learned how to manage stress – This training program is to unleash the unlimited power of your subconscious mind and convert desires & goals to reality and change your belief and thought pattern. Where in impossible becomes possible.
BENEFITS & ACTIVITIES – For 2 days Adults workshop
1. It awaken the subconscious mind
2. It helps you to become stronger in visualization
3. It helps you to convert your desires and goals to reality
4. Right brain training of photography memory will be conducted to check their concentration level and their memory power
5. It helps you improve your relationship with family and friends
6. It helps you to always think positive and improve your self esteem
7. It helps you to keep up your energy levels to all time high the entire day
8. It helps you to boost your confidence level in all areas of life
9. It helps you to remove any kind of fear from your mind for ever on your life
10. Health and Fitness secrets to share
11. It helps you to fight with any kind of difficulties in life and many come out of depression
12. You will learn how to read others mind and also how to convince any one
In this 2 days adults workshop there will be lot of exercises and many practical activities in various different topics where in each and every student will experience the same. This will keep up their energy level on the top based on oriental health theory that helps to promote overall circulatory wellness. It is a fun full 2 day workshop for all. We will also teach Photographic Memory Program to adults on the two days workshop.


MBM POWER OF MIND (FOR ADULTS WORKSHOP) will be launching in Malaysia soon, please stay tuned!

POWER OF MIND (FOR ADULTS WORKSHOP) will be conduct in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 19th to 20th March, 2016, please contact Mr John Nguyen Manh Duong at +84 0903 989 267 if you interested to join the workshop.