Midbrain Activation Training - Blindfold Card Reading

Midbrain Activation – Blindfold Training Method

Midbrain Activation Training - Blindfold Card Reading

Midbrain Activation Training - Blindfold Card Reading

Midbrain Activation - Blindfold Book Reading

Midbrain Activation - Blindfold Book Reading

Introducing Blindfold Training Method (also known as midbrain activation training), the best gift for the children in the world

What is midbrain activation adaption age

Blindfold training is also known as midbrain activation, it is the new midbrain activation method of the twenty-first century.  Blindfold training method is very effective for midbrain activation especially for the children of age 5 – 12, it can started the potential between the brain’s self-development as long as children attending our two days blindfold training course.

What is midbrain activation

When our midbrain been activated, we can blindfolded and use the brain wave to wipe any objects, as even to touch, smell or hearing to tell the shape of things, such as blindfolded reading, writing, chess playing video games or even riding bicycle .

Start the significance of the midbrain activation between the left and right brain is to the mutual self-contact phase between the shop also plays a complementary role of self-mental development, so as to achieve the potential to stimulate the brain’s ability to self-release, with multiple upgrade memory and learning function to absorb.

Brain potential often unimaginable, when blindfolded brain activity starting, it is the beginning of the midbrain activation method. As long as children follow blindfolded satin self-training on their own mental training method, for some time, you will find children in various capacities are significantly improved, especially memory and absorptive capacity. And they also can achieve the fast memory, high-speed absorption effect in learning skills.

Blindfolded self-training method is to make mental instinct to show the human brain, but also to balance the left and right brain development, function to be allowed to play at the optimal level. Between the midbrain activation starts, the children need to practice themselves 5 – 10 minutes daily for 3 – 6 months, we found that the children in memory and learning ability and confidence to be able to build on the significant breakthrough self-improvement. They can enhance the natural range of homework becomes payable easier if their midbrain been activated and improved.

Blindfolded self-training method of midbrain activation is as follows;
1) To balance of left and right brain functions (IQ and EQ)
2) enhance the absorption capacity of the memory
3) the ability to enhance self-confidence and focus
4) enhance the creation, planning and imagination
5) emotional stability force
6) in a remarkable state of learning
With using of our blindfold self-training method, 80% of the children were able to become a child prodigy, this is our promise!

Please visit our video and photo for proof of mid brain activation.

Our training center having a upcoming Midbrain Activation Workshop Free Preview, parents are welcome to join us for the events.

For events registration, you can click and register here
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